IDesign department offers services in multiple creative areas. There are three core elements in developing our inventive practice. We strike for simplicity, the pure and elegant mode of functional formation. Our office is an open space for exchange of thoughts and ideas between the professionals and the clients. We love the nature, therefore we transmit it in our work.

Our services essentialy evolve around home and domestic spaces. Residental architecture and interior design are the main disciplines witch branch on other akin practices such as establishing and organizing exhibiton and professional spaces.

The office special offer is “Reinvent your m?” consulting, witch gives an opportunity for low-cost rethinking of the place you enjoy a lot of hours in.

The graphic design branch offers services in couple of creative fields like Logo design, Web Design, illustration and print design, copywriting, branding, pattern and icon design.

1. Initial Consultation

An important part of our assessment is to view your chosen space, discuss your requirements/budget, make initial suggestions and assess how much involvement you need from us. This initial consultation takes place in your home, within days of you first contacting us.

The consultation is your opportunity to show us the space, present us with your ideas and ask us any questions you have about how we work. The consultation generally lasts 90 minutes, during which time we discuss your interior needs in greater detail, show you our portfolio and generally get a better feel for the area you want re-designed.

At this stage, if required, we would also undertake a full laser survey and take photographs of the space in question. Following the meeting, we will send you a detailed proposal for the work we propose to undertake, with fixed fees given for each item.

2. Interior Design

After receipt of our proposal, if you wish to proceed, the next stage involves us making as many site visits as necessary to establish the detail of your requirements, presenting design suggestions and samples as appropriate, and drawing up floorplans and layouts. How long all this takes varies according to the complexity of your particular project – and, crucially, any changes which you ask us to make along the way. Along with the final details we will present to you the key elements in your space, visually through a 3D project.

Development of the adopted version of the preliminary design = 10 eur./m2

  • spatial organization of furniture
  • walls and floors with typical materials (parquet, ceramic tiles, paint, etc.)
  • ceiling with organizing illuminating bodies
  • 3D prezentation

Once you have approved the final drawings, we can prepare detailed specifications for the works to be undertaken by craftsmen and contractors – carpenters, plumbers, decorators and the like. You can choose whether to hire and supervise contractors yourself, or to use our services.

  • Supervise conduct project = 15 eur./day

3. Consulting

Consulting = 10 eur./m2
Consulting means:

  • choice of finishing coatings for all walls (paint, wallpaper, etc.), floor (parquet floor, tiles, etc.) and ceilings (plasterboard, wood beams, etc.)
  • Catalog pick furniture
  • Catalog pick illuminating bodies
  • choosing the decoration for the interior (curtains, carpets, greenery etc.)

4. Consulting

“Reinvent your m?” consulting = 7 eur./m2

  • Consulting gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of your favorite space with less founds.




Logo design (2 concepts | 2 revisions) 100 eur.
Pattern design 50 eur.
Typography 100 eur.
Copywriting 75 eur.
Vectorizing digital images/logo/artwork 15 eur./hour
Business cards design 50 eur.
Business cards templates 20 eur.
Catalogue design 150 eur.
Brending 850 eur.
Product design depends on contract
Web Page Design (Designing web up to 5 pages and 2 revisions) 100 eur.
Web Page up to 10 pages and 3 revisions + optimization 150 eur.
Web Page up to 20 pages and 5 revisions + optimization + submition to search engines 250 eur.